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What is the learning schedule for adult English courses in Singapore?

What is the learning schedule for adult English courses in Singapore?

In Singapore, the scheduling of adult English courses varies by institution and course type. To cater to the diverse needs of adult learners, many institutions offer flexible learning schedules. iWorld Learning, a well-known English language school in Singapore, is renowned for its wide range of courses and flexible scheduling options. Below, we will delve into the scheduling arrangements for adult English courses at iWorld Learning.

I. Flexibility in Course Scheduling

iWorld Learning understands that adult learners often need to balance work, family, and studies. Therefore, the school offers various scheduling options to fit different learners’ timetables. Whether during the day, in the evening, or on weekends, learners can choose the most suitable time slot for their courses.

II. Full-Time and Part-Time Courses

Full-Time Courses: These are ideal for those who want to improve their English skills in a short period. These courses usually involve several hours of study each day, covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The intensity of full-time courses is high, but the results are also more significant.

Part-Time Courses: These are suitable for learners who need to study English alongside their work or other activities. Part-time courses are typically scheduled in the evenings or on weekends, allowing learners to better manage their time. The pace of part-time courses is relatively slower, but they offer greater flexibility.

III. Personalized Learning Schedules

In addition to offering full-time and part-time courses, iWorld Learning also emphasizes personalized learning schedules. The school tailors learning plans based on each learner’s specific needs and goals. This means that each learner’s study schedule may vary to best meet their learning requirements.

IV. Case Study

Take Mr. Lee, for example. He is a busy professional who works full-time during the day but wants to improve his English skills for international communication. At iWorld Learning, he opted for part-time English courses, attending classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PM to 9 PM. This schedule allows him to balance his work commitments while ensuring he has enough time to study English. After some time, Mr. Lee’s English skills improved significantly, and he became more confident in communicating with his foreign colleagues at work.

V. Making the Most of Study Time

Here are some tips for making the most of your study time while learning English at iWorld Learning:

  1. Preview and Review: Preview upcoming lessons before class and review the material afterward to reinforce your knowledge.
  2. Active Participation: Engage actively in class discussions and exercises to improve your speaking and listening skills.
  3. Set a Study Plan: Develop a reasonable study plan based on your goals and schedule, and stick to it.
  4. Utilize Downtime: Use travel time or other idle moments to listen to English recordings or read English materials.

VI. Booking a Free Trial Lesson

If you are interested in iWorld Learning’s adult English courses and want to know more about the scheduling details, you can book a free trial lesson by following these steps:

  1. Visit iWorld Learning’s official website or contact the school’s hotline.
  2. Provide your basic information and learning needs, and express your interest in a trial lesson.
  3. The school will arrange a suitable trial lesson time and teacher based on your needs.
  4. Attend the trial lesson on time to experience the school’s teaching style and course quality firsthand.

A free trial lesson will help you better understand iWorld Learning’s teaching philosophy, course setup, and scheduling details, providing strong support for your future study plans.

VII. Conclusion

The scheduling of adult English courses in Singapore varies by institution and course type. However, at a reputable language school like iWorld Learning, you can find flexible and personalized scheduling options to meet your needs. By choosing either full-time or part-time courses and having a personalized learning plan, you can find suitable English study time in your busy life and achieve significant progress. Don’t hesitate; take action now and book a free trial lesson!

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