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What is the cost of iWorld Learning courses for learning English in Singapore?

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What is the cost of iWorld Learning courses for learning English in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are numerous English learning institutions, among which iWorld Learning stands out for its unique teaching methods and high-quality resources. For those interested in studying English at iWorld Learning, understanding the course fees is crucial. Here is a detailed introduction to iWorld Learning’s course fees and related information.

1. Overview of iWorld Learning Course Fees

The course fees at iWorld Learning depend on factors such as the type of course, duration of study, and individual needs. Generally, iWorld Learning offers various course packages to meet different learning goals and budgets. These packages usually include a certain number of lessons, allowing students to choose the package that best suits their learning progress and needs.

2. Specific Course Fees

Basic Course Fees: For beginners or those who need to comprehensively improve their English skills, iWorld Learning offers basic course packages. These courses are relatively lower in cost, but the exact price depends on the duration of study and course content.

Advanced Course Fees: For students who already have a basic understanding of English and wish to further enhance their language abilities, advanced courses are available. These courses are typically more in-depth and specialized, hence the higher fees.

Custom Course Fees: iWorld Learning also offers personalized courses tailored to the specific needs and goals of students. The fees for these courses vary based on the level of customization and the teaching resources required.

It is important to note that the above fees are just general descriptions and not specific prices. The actual fees will be determined based on the student’s situation and course selection.

3. What the Fees Include

iWorld Learning’s course fees typically include textbooks, tuition, and certain support services. Upon payment, students will receive corresponding study materials and online resources, as well as professional guidance and tutoring from experienced teachers.

4. Case Study

A student who chose iWorld Learning’s three-month basic course package to improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills shared their learning experience. Through systematic study and practice, they not only improved their English proficiency but also successfully passed an international English proficiency test. The student noted that although the course fees were high, the learning outcomes and personal growth were well worth it.

5. Arrange a Free Trial Lesson

If you are interested in iWorld Learning’s courses and want to learn more about the detailed course fees, it is recommended to contact iWorld Learning directly for consultation. Additionally, you can schedule a free trial lesson to personally experience iWorld Learning’s teaching style and course quality.

Before arranging a trial lesson, you can learn more about the courses and student feedback through iWorld Learning’s official website or social media platforms. This will help you make a more informed decision and find the best English learning solution for yourself.

iWorld Learning’s course fees vary depending on the course type and individual needs. By choosing the right course package and personalized services, students can receive high-quality English education and comprehensive learning support at iWorld Learning. If you need to learn English, consider iWorld Learning as your learning partner.

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