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PSLE English oral topics 2021

PSLE English oral topics 2021

To effectively prepare for the PSLE English oral exam in 2021, it’s crucial to understand potential topics that may be covered. While specific topics can vary from year to year, here’s a comprehensive guide outlining various themes and how students can approach them:


The PSLE English oral exam in 2021 is designed to assess students’ ability to communicate fluently, coherently, and confidently. This article explores potential oral topics for this year’s exam, providing insights and strategies for preparation.

Common Oral Exam Topics

  1. Personal Experiences
    • Childhood Memories: Discussing memorable childhood experiences or events.
    • Challenges and Achievements: Sharing personal challenges overcome or significant achievements.
  2. Social Issues
    • Environmental Conservation: Exploring the importance of environmental awareness and conservation efforts.
    • Community Service: Discussing the benefits of volunteering and community involvement.
  3. Literature and Media
    • Book Reviews: Reviewing a favorite book or discussing the themes of a literary work.
    • Movie or TV Show Analysis: Analyzing the impact of media on society or personal perspectives.
  4. Current Affairs
    • Global Issues: Discussing current global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, or social justice movements.
    • Local News: Sharing opinions on recent local news events or developments.
  5. Education and Future Goals
    • Career Aspirations: Exploring future career goals and the steps needed to achieve them.
    • Learning Experiences: Reflecting on significant learning experiences or educational journeys.

Strategies for Preparation

  1. Research and Familiarization
    • Topic Exploration: Conduct research on potential oral topics to gather relevant information and viewpoints.
    • Current Affairs: Stay updated with current events through reliable news sources and discuss possible implications.
  2. Vocabulary Enrichment
    • Theme-based Vocabulary: Build vocabulary related to specific themes (e.g., environment, education, technology).
    • Contextual Usage: Practice using new words in sentences to understand their meanings and nuances.
  3. Practice Sessions
    • Mock Exams: Participate in simulated oral exams to practice speaking fluently under timed conditions.
    • Peer Feedback: Seek feedback from peers or teachers to improve clarity, coherence, and pronunciation.

Structuring Responses

  1. Introduction
    • Opening Statement: Begin with a clear introduction or summary of the topic to set the context.
  2. Body
    • Supporting Points: Provide detailed explanations, examples, or personal experiences to support viewpoints.
    • Logical Flow: Ensure a logical progression of ideas and transitions between key points.
  3. Conclusion
    • Summary: Recap key arguments or insights discussed during the oral presentation.
    • Closing Remark: Conclude with a final thought or reflection on the topic.

Confidence Building and Presentation Skills

  1. Body Language and Voice Modulation
    • Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact with the examiner to convey confidence and engagement.
    • Voice Projection: Practice speaking clearly and audibly to ensure effective communication.
  2. Handling Nervousness
    • Breathing Exercises: Practice deep breathing techniques to manage anxiety and promote relaxation.
    • Positive Visualization: Visualize successful oral presentations to build confidence and reduce stress.


Preparing for the PSLE English oral exam in 2021 requires a strategic approach that includes topic exploration, vocabulary enrichment, structured responses, and confidence-building techniques. By familiarizing themselves with potential oral topics and practicing effective communication skills, students can enhance their oral proficiency and excel in the exam. This comprehensive guide equips students with the tools and strategies necessary to succeed in conveying their ideas articulately and convincingly during the oral assessment.

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